Mentoring Programme

Mentoring Programme 2017


We are proud to announce CantaBulgarian’s fifth mentoring programme, aimed at Bulgarian students applying to study at the University of Cambridge.

The programme

We organise practice interviews for students who have been invited for an interview at any college or department at the University of Cambridge. The practice interviews are conducted by current students at the University, studying the same (or similar) subject as the applicant they are interviewing.

Practice interviews

Cambridge interviews test not only theoretical knowledge, but also a student’s ability to communicate, think, rationalise and summarise. International students are often faced with a language barrier as well, which is largely independent of their subject. We believe that a practice interview can help pinpoint areas of an applicant’s presentation that need improving, and also help them approach their real interview with more confidence.


Mentoring is voluntary and so participation in our mentoring programme is free of charge.


Our mentoring programme is open to Bulgarian students who have been invited to attend an interview at one of the colleges of the University of Cambridge. We are happy to interview any applicant who wishes to take part; however, sometimes we may not find an appropriate mentor for your subject and/or college and would have to turn down your application.

Important deadlines

Undergraduate students can submit applications from 1 November to 15 December 2016. Graduate students can submit applications all year round, depending on the subject and degree they are applying for at the University.

If you wish to apply, please fill in the following form with you personal statement and academic transcript (where applicable). If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on!

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