Notable CantaBulgarians

Ekaterina Christova  wins the undergraduate of the year Future CFO (chief financial officer) competition for 2017

Ekaterina Christova, an Economics student from the University of Cambridge Robinson College was announced the Future CFO of the Year 2017 winner at the final award ceremony on 21 April. Kati wins a one week’s trip to New York and Washington D.C. where she will gain an insight into the role of a finance professional in the US.

Veselina Petrova wins the British Neuroscience Association Undergraduate Award

Veselina Petrova, PhD in Clinical Neuroscience, and Hughes Hall, has been awarded the British Neuroscience Association Undergraduate Award for outstanding performance in her undergraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh. Her doctoral work focuses on studying and manipulating the regenerative capabilities of adult nerve cells after spinal cord injury.

Velislava Petrova on Sequencing Viruses

Velislava Petrova is a PhD student at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, jointly supervised by Professor Paul Kellam and Dr Carl Anderson. Her work in the Virus Genomics Team is focused on the characterisation of B cell immune repertoires in response to measles infection in humans and in cynomolgus macaques.

Ilina Angelova on Syria

Ilina Angelova, who graduated from Magdalene College, Cambridge in June 2012, has recently written a memo on the conflict in Syria. This memo was highly commended by Sciences Po in Paris and was sent directly to Prof. Lakhdar Brahimi who is the United Nations envoy to Syria.

Alexandra Petrova on ISO certification

This is Aleksandra Petrova’s BA Dissertation in Land Economy on ‘An assessment of ISO Certification as a tool to boost local authorities’ strategic planning capacity: The case study of ISO 9001 certification of public administrations in Bulgaria’. It entails important findings about how the local authorities in Bulgaria suffer from a low strategic planning capacity and the effectiveness of ISO 9001 in addressing this issue. The dissertation was awarded a Distinction.

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