Presentation of the mentoring programmes of CantaBulgarian and Millennium Club

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CantaBulgarian and Millennium Club Bulgaria presented their mentorship programmes at a joint event. The panel consisted of representatives of both clubs. The discussion was of particular interest to students in their final high school years planning to apply for undergraduate degrees, as well as university students and young professionals looking for postgraduate courses and career advice in different spheres.


CantaBulgarian’s presentation focused on the specificities of applying at the University of Cambridge. The benefits of studying at Cambridge, how to choose a course, how to choose a college, financial opportunities and the different stages of applying were presented by Richard Mihaylov, treasurer of the society and currently completing his masters degree in Engineering.


At the undergraduate level three members of the current committee told students about their personal experiences of applying to Cambridge. Ivan Ganev is a first year Mathematics student at Peterhouse, who emphasised that the choice of a college is not the deciding factor in making offers as what ultimately matters is the academic excellence of the applicant. Ralitsa Belcheva is a second year Law student at Trinity College. She highlighted the importance of extracurricular activities that could be related to a particular course of interest, for example, debating. Stefana Kuzmova is a first year Architecture student at Girton who was part of the mentoring programme last year and found particularly helpful the advice she received from a former Bulgarian student who had successfully completed the same course at Cambridge.


Liana Minkova, PhD student in Politics and International Studies and president of the society and Dr Velislava Petrova, PhD in Virology and CantaBulgarian’s president for 2014/2015, discussed the process of applying for postgraduate studies at Cambridge in social sciences and humanities and in natural sciences, respectively. It was noted that University of Cambridge provides a variety of funding opportunities for postgraduate students but it is important to keep in mind the deadlines for each, as well as the fact that the funding deadline might precede the course deadline.


Millennium Club Bulgaria presented the aims and upcoming events of their mentoring programme. It offers advice and interviews for both academic (undergraduate and postgraduate studies) and career (working in a variety of professional spheres and particular firms) paths. CantaBulgarian and Millennium Club maintain connection with each other and will be happy to redirect specific mentoring enquiries. Both organisations aim to provide practical and beneficial advice.

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