Social Activities in Michaelmas Term

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Friday nights

Keeping up with your workload AND extracurriculars AND social life in Cambridge is difficult, if not impossible. All of us, Cantabulgarians, know that. We decided to force our fellow Bulgarians at Cambridge to take at least one night off weekly, and join us for our CantaBulgarian social events on Fridays, in one of the local pubs or college bars. Judging by the people who turned up to each of these over Michaelmas, we concluded that the average CantaBulgarian at Cambridge can spare just one-two nights per term. Nevertheless, we will be organizing more of these socials this term, because we still want to remind you that you deserve a break! Yes, you do.

Christmas dinner

The most important conclusion from CantaBulgarian’s 2016 Christmas dinner is that we need to make our booking for this year’s Christmas ASAP! Last year, Jamie’s pizzeria turned out to be the only available venue on such a short notice, but the pizza was extremely tasty, and the atmosphere – warm and friendly. Interestingly, 90% of the attendees ordered the same pizza. Bulgarian tastes, I guess… Unsurprisingly, conversations lasted much longer than dining, until we were eventually forced to leave the restaurant an hour past its closing time. Our only regret is that we could not have more CantaBulgarians join us.

Formal swap with Serbian society at Trinity College

This event was possible thanks to our numerous friends from Serbia, who managed to secure enough tickets for all CantaBulgarians, not lucky enough to be at Trinity. We found out that we have a lot in common with our geographical neighbours: shared likes/dislikes for music, politics, our subjects… After the formal, the party moved to the bar, and then to the BA room… and then it was basically time for breakfast. Hopefully, we will meet with our new Serbian friends again for a yet-to-be-announced event in Easter term!

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