About us

About CantaBulgarian


CantaBulgarian (The Cambridge University Bulgarian Society) is the official Bulgarian Society at the University of Cambridge. We aim to promote Bulgarian culture in the University of Cambridge, increase the access of Bulgarian students, and contribute to a better Bulgaria!

CantaBulgarian has two main missions:

  • To promote Bulgarian culture and awareness of Bulgaria in the University of Cambridge;
  • To aid Bulgarian students who wish to apply to the University of Cambridge.

In pursuance of its missions, CantaBulgarian hopes to contribute to the educational betterment of Bulgaria and the international appreciation and reputation of the country.

We were founded on 1 November 2012 with the purpose of bringing unity, coherence, and structure to the Cambridge-Bulgarian cause.

CantaBulgarian is registered with the Societies Syndicate of the University of Cambridge and can be found in the directory of the Cambridge University Students Union (CUSU) here. Current students and alumni are invited to apply for membership. The society maintains active Facebook page and group for its members, and a relevant LinkedIn page. In addition, videos from past initiatives of the society can be found on our YouTube channel.