Информационна брошура за Ирина Бокова

Клубът на българските студенти и завършили Университета на Кеймбридж, Великобритания изготви кратка брошура с постиженията на г-жа Бокова с цел да покажем колко силен е нейният шанс и съответно шансът на България чрез нея.  Вчера тя беше изпратена до всички ключови държавни институции в страната. Документът можете да свалите тук: България за Бокова. CantaBulgarian отново призовава правителство […]

CantaBulgarian reunion in Sofia 2015

The annual Christmas meeting of CantaBulgarian members and alumni in Sofia took place on December 18 this year, after the University of Cambridge presentation. 18 of our members convened for a dinner at The Residence Exclusive Club in Sofia. We had the chance to reminisce and share our favourite stories related to Cambridge, and it […]

Presentation and reception in Sofia

On December 18, 2015, CantaBulgarian organised a presentation and reception in Sofia. Over 120 high schoolers, university students, their teachers and parents attended the event, which was held in Grand Hotel Sofia. For two hours, we discussed questions concerning education in University of Cambridge and the UK in general, the specifics of submitting an application and […]

Open letter from CantaBulgarian to the PM in support of Irina Bokova for UN Secretary General

CantaBulgarian sent an open letter to Boyko Borissov, Prime Minister of Bulgaria, in which they express their support for Ms Bokova to be the nomination of Bulgaria for the position of UN Secretary General in the upcoming 2016 elections in the organisation. Below you can read the text of the letter in Bulgarian: [custom_blockquote style=”grey”]Уважаеми […]

Meeting with Rosen Plevneliev

In the early afternoon of December 18, CantaBulgarian had the opportunity to meet with Rosen Plevneliev, President of the Republic of Bulgarian, and discuss over tea with him question regarding the current social and political affairs of Bulgaria. Following an introduction by Mr Plevneliev, several members of CantaBulgarian raised important issues they care about; among […]

Facebook group in support of our cause for Irina Bokova

We have recently started a Facebook page to show the growing support for Irina Bokova to be the Bulgarian nominee in the election for Secretary General of UN in the elections next year. If you support the cause, and wish you express this through social media, please like the page, and spread the word among […]

CantaBulgarian Supports Irina Bokova for UN Secretary General

The exectutive committee of CantaBulgarian decided to support the candidacy of Irina Bokova for UN Secretary General in the upcoming 2016 elections. To that effect, a referendum was held among the society members. The vote was unanimously in favour of launching a campaign of support for Irina Bokova in her bid for the UN head […]

Christmas dinner

The annual tradition for organising a Christmas formal hall was substituted this year for a more relaxed meal out. 27 of our members flocked together to Stazione restaurant where we enjoyed a nice festive dinner while catching up with each other and making plans for the holiday season ahead. Secret Santa also made an appearance, […]

Film evening

On 27 November (incidentally, it is the anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine) CantaBulgarian organised a film evening, screening the movie “Yesterday”, a classic depiction of the Bulgarian youth in the years before the political transition. The movie turned out to be a favourite among our members, who didn’t miss to repeat some of […]

Launch of Mentoring Programme 2015/16

We are delighted to announce the launch of CantaBulgarian’s third mentoring programme! Our aim is to help current undergraduate and postgraduate applicants by organising practice interviews for their respective subjects. If you’d like to learn more about the programme, visit its webpage or send us an e-mail at mentoring@cantabulgarian.org!